Our Crew


Jimmy Calhoun

General Manager

After 17 years in the service/hospitality industry, Jimmy's true passion started calling to the point he could not ignore it any more. Jimmy left the corporate world and decided to use his talents and at the same time immerse himself in the world of his passion....Craft beer.

Jimmy loves providing a great environment where you can enjoy a great craft beer.


Richard Everitt

Director of Brewery Operations

  • How long have you worked at Uncle Billy's?
  • "Since 2012."
  • Favorite thing on the menu?
  • "That's hard. I'm a traditionalist...just a good old-fashioned chopped beef sandwich with potato salad."
  • Favorite drink?
  • "The Lovecraft Belgian Stout...pretty much any Belgian."

Christine Celis

Christine Celis grew up in the beer business, working with her father Pierre in the brewery in Hoegaarden, Belgium and traveling with him all over the world to promote the family business. In 1991 she and Pierre founded Celis Brewery in Austin, and Christine served as President. She was also active in the brewery’s public relations and marketing efforts, often appearing on popular Austin radio programs and organizing promotional events – most tied to Austin’s burgeoning live music scene.

In 2011, she started to import beer with the company called Authentic Beverage Management (ABM), sister company of Artisanal imports. Her focus was to import award winning beers from small craft breweries throughout the world which are being sold in 22 states right now. She worked closely with the distributors, did many tastings to educate people on the interesting stories of these breweries and their unique brewing methods.

In 2013, Christine launched the Gypsy collaboration series with the goal in mind of creating unique beer recipes while developing a great brewing relationship with the brewer of that specific brewery in Texas, US or world-wide award winning brewery. The goal is to have a Gypsy creation at least once a year! The beer recipes needs to have a Belgian influence blended with American ingredients and “culture”.

TRevor N.jpg

Trevor Nearburg

Head Brewer

A Central Texas native, Trevor Nearburg’s start in International Finance took him around the globe before a passion for home brewing and a desire for a better quality of life led him back to his Austin roots. As Uncle Billy’s Head Brewer, Trevor now spends his days perfecting new brew recipes that complement the Uncle Billy’s lifestyle, fueled by a mix of live music and good eats.

After graduating from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and a Master’s degree in International Affairs, Trevor started his career in International Tax at the prestigious KPMG audit, tax and advisory services firm in New York, NY. Although the salary was good, the lifestyle was unfulfilling. Thanks to an experience working in the slums of India during his final years in school, he had come to realize that he valued quality of life over monetary success and was eager to exit the rat race in pursuit of discovering his true passion.

Trevor returned home to Austin with his brother, Ross, who had just graduated with a Master’s degree from Dartmouth. During his time in New York, Trevor developed a fondness for craft beer, while Ross had developed an interest in homebrewing while at Dartmouth. Together, the brothers’ homebrewing hobby soon evolved into a full blown passion. During a trip to Denver to tour craft breweries, Trevor realized he was ready to turn his passion into a career. The brothers upgraded their homebrewing setup and Trevor began volunteering at Hops and Grain Brewing on the weekends. In just one month, Trevor left his job in Commercial Asset Valuation with The Kucera Companies, Ross left his job as a Chemical Engineer for Baker Hughes, and they both went to work in the packaging hall at Real Ale Brewing Company.

Trevor moved up through all positions in the packaging hall and quickly landed a position as Assistant Brewer, while Ross moved up into management. A friend at Real Ale introduced Trevor to Uncle Billy’s owner, Rick Engel, and it soon became apparent that Trevor embodies the Uncle Billy’s spirit. A natural fit at an establishment known for its mouthwatering barbeque and live music, Trevor is excited to craft new brews across all genres—offering something for everyone who walks through the doors. Trevor is also eager to distribute Uncle Billy’s award winning recipes, including Hell N Keller and Bottle Rocket, and plans to steadily keep the fan favorites on tap alongside his new creations.


Daytona Celis

Being the granddaughter of the legendary brewing icon, Pierre Celis, I had been exposed to great beer since very young.

My grandfather taught me about ingredients in a beer, different beer styles but was to young to fully understand but now, it makes perfect sense.

During the Celis Brewery days in the 90’s, I visited frequently the brewery which sparked my interest.

I knew somehow that I was going to be involved with beer and continue the family legacy by brewing the original recipes that everyone has been waiting to taste again.

After learning the basic brewing training in a brewpub in Buffalo, New York, i‘m starting level 2 as an assistant brewer at Uncle Billy’s.

Looking to further my education and I consider this as 1 day closer to brewing my grandfather’s recipes.

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